About The Village

The Village Store held various roles for different people—a general store, a hardware store, and a bait and tackle shop. It was within those store walls in 1949 that developer Clarence E. Duffner, Sr. made a significant purchase over a cup of coffee—forty acres of undeveloped land. Inspired by the sign hanging above the store’s entrance, Duffner decided to name his new acquisition “The Village”.

While Duffner developed homes in the southwest area of The Village, developer Floyd Harrison worked on the eastern side, near Pennsylvania Avenue. Recognizing their shared vision, Harrison and Duffner joined forces and set out to establish a new town. In 1959, The Village attained city status. Gene Bumpass, the former Police Chief of Altus, became the city’s first City Manager.

Today, the City of The Village is a vibrant community, home to around 9,321 residents. With its own dedicated fire and police departments, the city continues to flourish, nestled amidst Oklahoma City and adjacent to Nichols Hills. Prominent landmarks such as Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores’ corporate headquarters, the OKC Friday community newspaper, and Casady School add to the vibrancy of The Village.

The Village is governed by an elected Council, with the position of Mayor rotating among its members. As we embrace the future, our community remains dedicated to fostering close-knit relationships, ensuring a high quality of life, and preserving the distinct character that defines the City of The Village. EXPLORE THE FULL HISTORY OF THE VILLAGE. 


CITY CHARTER: The City of The Village is a “home rule” city with its own charter. The City Charter provides for a form of government known as the “Council-Manager” government. All powers of the city must be exercised as prescribed by the charter, except where state law supersedes the provisions
of the charter.

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