About the City

The Village is a city in Oklahoma CountyOklahomaUnited States, and a part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The population is 9,660 in 2022.

The Village is entirely surrounded by Oklahoma City, except where it abuts Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. The Village is home to the corporate headquarters of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, the OKC Friday community newspaper, and Casady School.

The Village has a City Manager form of government. The City Manager is overseen by an elected Council. The position of Mayor rotates among the Council members.

The Village is represented in Congress by Stephanie Bice (R) (Congressional District 5), in the Oklahoma Senate by Julia Kirk (D) (Senate District 30) and Cari Hicks (D) (Senate District 40).  The Village is represented in the Oklahoma House of Representatives by  Cyndi Munson (D] (House District 85).


CITY CHARTER: The City of The Village is a “home rule” city with its own charter. The City Charter provides for a form of government known as the “Council-Manager” government. All powers of the city must be exercised as prescribed by the charter, except where state law supersedes the provisions
of the charter.

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Population, 8,929
Households, 4,366
Housing Units, 4,661

Population Reporting

One Race      8,493     95.1%

White                                                     7,100      79.5%
Black                                                         749        8.4%
American Indian                                    276         3.1%
Asian                                                         163         1.8%
Pacific Islander                                           7         0.1%
Some Other Race                                    198        2.2%
Pop Reporting Two or More  Races    436        4.9%
Total Hispanic Population                     547        6.1%

Phone Numbers

City Hall 405-751-8861
City Manager  405-751-8861 x259
City Treasurer  405-751-8861 x258
Court Clerk  405-751-9266
Payroll-Benefits  405-751-8861 x256
Billing Clerk   405-751-8861 x255
Permits-Licenses 405-751-0493
City Hall/Code Office Manager  405-751-8861 x261
Accounts Payable  405-751-8861 x262
Code Enforcement  405-751-0493
Asst. Building Inspector  405-751-8861 x264
Building Inspector 405-751-8861 x250
Animal Control 405-751-9518

Police Department 405-751-9564
Chief  405-751-9564
Deputy Chief  405-751-9564
Crimestoppers 405-751-1234
FireDepartment 405-751-2122
Chief 405-755-2499
Deputy Chief 405-755-2499
PUBLIC WORKS 405-751-4933
Director  405-751-4933
Street  405-751-4933
Public Works Clerk  405-751-4933