City Manager

Bruce K. Stone

Phone: (405) 529-0000

Bruce K. Stone Is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible
for the execution of the laws, ordinances, and policies of the City. Mr. Stone
administers the affairs of the municipal government and:

Is responsible to the City Council and serves at its pleasure.

  • Appoints, removes, demotes, suspends, etc., all subordinate officers
    and employees of the City.
  • Supervises and controls all officers and City employees.
  • Prepares an annual budget for submittal to the Council.
  • Reports to the Council on the finances and the administrative activity
    of the City.
  • Keeps the Council informed of the financial condition and the future
    needs of the City and exercises all other powers and functions
    prescribed by Ordinance.

Mr. Stone is a graduate of Bristow High School and Oklahoma State
University and holds a B.A. in Political Science.

Prior to coming to Oklahoma in 1968, Mr. Stone lived in several foreign
countries including Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. Mr.
Stone is fluent in Laotion and Thai and is conversant in Mandarin Chinese.
Before beginning his career in local government, Mr. Stone worked in the
insurance business and taught English to Laotion Air Force Pilot students.

Mr. Stone began his career in local government as an intern for the City of
Bartlesville in 1976. After leaving graduate school, Mr. Stone served as
Assistant City Manager of Stroud, Oklahoma from August 1978 to April
1979. In April 1979, Mr. Stone was appointed as City Manager of Stroud
and served in that capacity until April 1984. Before coming to The Village in
June 1985, Mr. Stone served a year as City Manager of Blackwell.