City of The Village - 2304 Manchester Drive - The Village, OK 73120

Phone (405) 751-8861 - Fax (405-748-7352


PROGRAMS AVAILABLE: Upon request, The Village Police Department regularly gives various presentations to businesses, civic groups, homeowner's associations, schools, churches, and other organizations. Topics include:

HOUSE CHECK SERVICE: Upon request, The Village Police Department will make regular checks of your home while you are away. In addition to checking doors and windows, officers making the check can, if requested, pick up newspapers and discard them so that an accumulation of papers on your lawn does not become an invitation to burglars. A written report of the checks made on your home will be mailed to you a few days after you return from your trip. Residents should note that this service does not guarantee that a break in will not occur. The frequency of checks made on any residence may vary according to the other service demands placed on officers on patrol.  

TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT:  Traffic enforcement is a very high priority for The Village Police Department. Approximately, 30 Million (YES, 30 MILLION!) cars pass through The Village each year on the city's four major thoroughfares. While speeding should never be tolerated, this high volume of traffic makes traffic enforcement all the more important to ensure that our streets are safe for motorists. Of the 30 million motorists passing through The Village each year, approximately, 5,000 (a relatively small %) receive traffic citations.



Paul Kinman

Deputy Chief

Steve Jagosh


Shawn Milligan