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The Village, under the mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency, began the Stormwater Management program in May 2005 as provided by the Clean Water Act. The goal is to protect storm water from pollution, which is a particularly complex and difficult environmental problem to manage. Each citizen can have either a positive or a negative impact on his or her neighborhood creek, pond, or lake. Each citizen is a part of the City's environment and ecology that we  are  responsible for protecting.

City Wide Watershed Protection Strategy:  Promote Education, Regulation, and Monitoring Programs


    Permitting – All construction sites are to prevent sediment runoff.  

    Permits are to include a pollution protection plan for the site.  

    Sites are audited on a regular basis.  


     HAZMAT - provide technical support to prevent and remediate illicit discharges into the drainage system.

      Respond to all calls indicating possible storm water contamination.  

     "Panning crews" clean out clogged curb inlets and drainage structures.  


     Sample sites for contaminants in waterways.  

     Collect water samples for pollution investigations. (Dry weather screening)


      Hazardous Waste Collection site for residents to properly dispose of unwanted household chemicals and tires.  Residents of The Village may use the Hazardous Waste Collection Site for Oklahoma City.  The Village is billed for the materials you dispose of at this center.


     Schools – Educational materials, displays, videos.   

     Adult - Environmental education brochures to reduce improper landscape, fertilizer and pesticide use; Understanding Stormwater.

      Cable TV environmental educational slides.

      Curbs-to-Creeks - volunteers mark storm drains to educate the public about improper waste disposal.  

     Adopt-A-City Street - Volunteers remove trash from street right-of-ways.

      Local Radio Public Education Advertisements